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Washing Machine Repair Service

Washing Machine Repair Service

Get Expert Washing Machine Repair Service

At present, there is no way to imagine life without washing machines. Of course, you could make use of public laundry facilities, but it is more difficult when compared with your own washing machine that helps remove dirt from your clothes. If your washing machine malfunctions because of faulty operation, damage, or the washer breaking down, it's an absolute hassle. Do not waste time at the laundromat as you have to wait for repair service. We can provide quick reliable and efficient repair for your washing machine.

Our technicians are well-trained and equipped to repair all common washing machine issues. If your machine won't wash clothes or has water that will not drain. We provide an authentic Parts & Labor Warranty on any repair that is completed. 

We fix common washing machine problems

We know that finding an organization that can provide reliable washing machine repair service could be a challenge. We're grateful that you've come across us, and we'll make your experience a smooth one! To make your life easier, we offer services for all major brands. Our technicians are able to handle the majority of repair issues quickly.

We've got decades of experience fixing all the most frequent malfunctions in laundry appliances along with the less common ones. No matter if you have a top load washer front-load washer or a high-efficiency model or even a stacking dryer, we'll repair it! Do you think your washing machine needs repair? Contact us today to set up an appointment to repair your washing machine.

Whatever the issue in your washing machine we've seen it before and know what we can do to fix it. If your front load washer leaks water or your top load washer won't turn on We have the experience and know-how to solve the issue fast. In addition, with more than a decade of local washer repair services and repair, you can trust us to complete the task. Give us a call today to get back to a normal routine of laundry as soon as possible.

We've been providing top-quality appliance repair services for years and repair the majority of appliances such as dryers and washers. If you schedule an appointment, our technician will visit your home when you are available. Our technicians are certified, licensed, and insured. Additionally, our service vehicles carry a large range of appliance parts repairs.

We repair and service all kinds of washers, including top-load washers, front load washers as well as stackable washers and dryer combos.


  • Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Top-loading washing machines
  • Central Washing Machine Repair Services
  • Semi-Automatic Repair Services
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Fully-Automatic Uninstallation 

The washing machine is made up of several major units which are responsible for the entire washing process. Service and repair technicians are knowledgeable of the entire set of units.

Check out a list of the most frequent washer failures listed below. Please contact us to discuss any concerns!

  • The washer won't spin.
  • The washer won't get started.
  • The washer won't stir
  • The washer won't be filled with water.
  • The washer makes a loud sound
  • The washer won't run out of water.
  • The washer shakes or vibrates
  • The laundry smells musty
  • Washer door lock error

Washer Isn't Draining

Unloading your washer only to discover an entire laundry load submerged is definitely a hassle. Our washer repair specialists can quickly pinpoint the reason your washing machine isn't running. Our service vehicles are full of typical parts for repairs to washers so you don't need to wait weeks for repairs done to your washing machine. If your washing machine is not draining frequently, it could be due to:

  • Blockage of draining the washer
  • The clogged hose on the washer pump
  • Switch assembly for the washer's lid fails.
  • washer door lock defective
  • washer coin trap is clogged

The washer isn't spinning

If your clothes remain wet when you take them out of the washer, it's possible that your machine isn't spinning as it should. Placing these wet clothes in the dryer could cause worse damage. We'll determine the cause and discuss the fix with you, then repair your washer. If your washer isn't spinning correctly it may be caused by one of these:

  • Failure of the lid switch on the washer
  • washer motor coupling issue
  • washer drive belt broken
  • The door latches on the washer are defective
  • washer door lock won't lock

The washer won't start

There is nothing more annoying than putting on your dirty laundry and pressing the start button, but then nothing happens? The washing machine that isn't working could appear like the end of the world, however, and the best option you could take is to contact an expert washer repair service immediately. The problem is most likely to come down to:

  • The fuse for the washer line has been blown
  • The timer for a washer is defective
  • washer door lock error
  • The thermal fuse in the washer was blown
  • Failure of the control board for washers

Washer Makes Loud Noise

Washing machines might not be the quietest appliances initially but you're aware of the way they should sound like. This is why if you begin to hear a new scratching or rubbing noise during the cycle it is important to identify the cause before it gets more serious. The most typical reasons for a noisy washer are:

  • washer tub bearing defective
  • washer tub seal has been damaged
  • The pulley for the washer's drive is broken
  • washer motor coupling problem
  • The motor that drives the washer has worn out


Your washing machine is an enormous amount of responsibility and we're here to ensure that you are able to count on us if you experience a problem. Contact us anytime you encounter any of the following typical issues that affect washing machines:

  • A washing machine that makes loud noises or strange sounds
  • Water isn't filling up or draining completely (or in any way)
  • The basket of the washer isn't spinning fast or isn't spinning.
  • Water overflowing from the washing machine
  • The machine ceases mid-cycle.
  • Knobs and Buttons aren't working
  • Wobbling washers
  • The washer does not move
  • Leaking water

There is no repair for your washing machine too easy and no task will be too big. Schedule an appointment today to help us calm your washer's wobble and address small leaks before your laundry area becomes the size of a lake. If you have appliances that require service or repair, the service near me is available to assist. We offer weekend and evening services to meet your needs. Make an appointment on our website or give us an immediate call!


Drying technology has made significant progress and our team keeps current with the most recent information. We will arrive with the right knowledge and the tools required to complete repairs. Be sure to look for signs of lint build-up in the exhaust pipe. Maintaining your dryer's performance is simple if you are aware of what to look for. If you notice any issues in your dryer or washer We are there to assist you.

If you need a trained technician with many years of expertise in the repairs of almost every model and make of dryer and washer contact us now.

Why choose us for your washing machine repair?

There are many people who will fix your broken washer. But, there are some motives to employ us to repair your malfunctioning washer.

They comprise:

  • Repairs are performed by experienced and trained technicians.
  • We use authentic parts for repairs to washers
  • We don't charge hidden fees
  • Our service is speedy and reliable.
  • Our technicians are local and welcoming.

We repair all brands and types of washers. Our staff is focused on making sure you have the most enjoyable experience. We utilize fully loaded vans that can provide the most efficient repairs to appliances.

Furthermore, our customer service is top-notch. We are aware that you may discover that you have an issue with your washer while you are about to wash your clothes. However, this isn't an excuse for you to feel frustrated. Contact us anytime and we'll be there to assist you. Our customer service staff will take your call and help you set up an appointment for repairs. We can also be reached for emergency repair.