About Service Near Me

We provide the best maintenance and repair service for all brands of home appliances at your door steps. We provide services for refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, led lcd smart tv, air conditioners and dishwashers and many more products and services.

Most of the appliances need regular maintenance and repair at regular intervals, sometimes because of some kind of internal breakdown or any other kind of reason. The simple solution for this kind of problem is to take care of the appliances by providing them regular service.


Home Appliances Repair and Maintenance Services

Investing in home appliances is easy but maintaining appliances and their overall aesthetic is a tough task. We at service Near Me understand the requirements of the customers, and thus, provide convenient repairing, maintenance servicing, parts replacement, and other key services. We offer major services like maintenance & repair, parts replacement, and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the convenience of the customers at its fore and provide excellent home appliances repairing and maintenance services to the clients. Our sole aim is to keep the customers comfortable when aspiring to maintain the overall aesthetics of the home appliances and save them from unnecessary hassles.